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Cell: +46-708-15 12 43

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Cell: +46-733-40 36 70

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Texts that make the audience listen

Whether it is a web, product presentation, annual report or a newsletter, the design of the texts is what makes the difference if you are to reach out with your messages.A good text is clear, grabs hold and make the audiences understand..
If you want to develop your texts and messages, or lack the resources to create the texts needed, Mentor is at hand as a very experienced freelance support.

We deliver texts to:

Annual reportsCompany presentations
Customer CasesMagazinesMarketing Campaigns
Product Presentations
Social media
Web content

We have experience from assignments for:

B2B COMPANIES Accenture, Ericsson, Mannheimer Swartling et al.B2C COMPANIESClas Ohlson, Lufthansa, Microsoft, Nokia et al.ORGANISATIONS Red Cross, Stockholm Stad, Svensk Hockey et al.

MEDIA FLT, IDG, Sundsvalls Tidning, TT et al.

Mentor is owned and run by Dan Haneklint and Niklas Borgsved. With a firm foundation in editorial work through our journalism education, work in newspapers, news agencies and publishers as well as a range of consulting assignments, we have over 40 years of combined experience of writing texts that reach through.


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